和きたほる 名寄店



Nayoro City is located in the northern part of Hokkaido and has a total area of 535,20 km2 and a population of 27,378 people.

Introduction of Nayoro City

Although it is a city with severe weather conditions with an annual temperature difference of 60 degrees Celsius or more,
in winter, mysterious “sun pillar” phenomenon is witnessed, and
the fine powder snow that falls make the city the place with the top quality snow in all Japan.
In addition, it is considered to be a place where high-quality crops can be harvested.
In recent years, the city has ranked number one in the most comfortable city to live in in Hokkaido, which is most likely the result of the public and private sectors uniting and trying to create a city that is safe and vibrant.



Introduction of Kitahoru

Izakaya “Wa Kitahoru” handled by the popular izakaya “Wassamu Country Pub Toune” in Wassamu Town, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido!
We would like to be a place where people, both inside and outside Japan , can recognize how the Dohoku region is a treasure trove of ingredients and nature and convey the magnificent nature of Hokkaido and Wassamu Town and the deliciousness of agricultural products here while pursuing a taste that will satisfy customers every day.